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Bodor theke Balakot

Bodor theke Balakot



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The Battle of Badr

he Battle of Badr, was the very first battle between the Kuffar and the Muslims after years of growing torture and oppression – The Battle of Badr took place in Ramadaan 2 A.H, and it was the Most-Decisive battle between truth and falsehood!

Read how Allah gave victory to the Muslims despite their lack of Means (army of just over 300 people, most of them without even simple means of weapon, 2 horses and 70 camels!) – in the face of a huge well-equipped army of the disbelievers. Also read about

  • Instance of Sahabah’s Bravery and Devotion in this Battle
  • Lessons from the Battle of Badr

The Battle of Badr has a great historical lesson that teaches; ‘Victory does NOT depend on numbers or collecting weapons and shields – Victory is from Allah.’



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Badar War ( Description of Badar War) – Bangla

This is the selected topics from the big books. The topic is the Badar war. Here is only the badar war’s description in bengali langauge. I got it from here. 


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